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There is a little boy who I love very much
I had enjoyed changing, feeding and such
Cause I was his daddy he was my son
For three years which I thought was fun
Til a cloud came and blocked the sun shine
During my divorce I found out he wasn't mine
He has a new daddy to keep him in line
And I should be happy for he is doin fine
But now he doesn't remember my name
I walk around with my head hung in shame
But I remember a love that no words can tell
Cause of a lie my life was sent to hell

(If I had only one wish, I would for him tell me four little words, "I love you daddy" but I know I will never hear those words again...)

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I love the poem and only dads would be affected the most by reading it. But I think its time for you to start out fresh. Life isn't over. There are still good things in life, just open your eyes alittle wider emoticon.

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